How to Pack for Golf Trip: Proven Strategies from a Top Golfer


An Interview With Hypegolf’s - Scott Chambers


With the Tour season in full swing and the promise of warmer weather just around the corner, we’ve been daydreaming about our next golf vacation. Of course, with every golf trip comes the added challenge of packing the right gear and attire. We checked in with our good friend Scott Chambers to find out what his golf trip packing tips are. Chambers is a scratch golfer from NYC who has been playing since he was little. In fact, he had a club in his hand when he was less than a year old. When he’s not on the course, you can find him handling brand partnerships for Hypebeast’s Sports and Watch verticals, including Hypegolf. Chambers is easily one of the most well-dressed guys on the course, so we couldn’t think of a better person to talk us through packing for a golf trip.


Okay Scott, what’s on your golf trip packing list?


For me, golf shoes are always the first thing to be packed, and it's usually a tough decision to narrow it down. Once my pair of sneakers (or three) have been chosen, I'll move to golf gear. The packing list includes a pair of white-on-white OluKai Wai‘alae, my clubs, a fresh sleeve of balls, rain gear and golf apparel for different weather conditions, a few hat options (the Yankees fitted is my staple), and last but important addition is a clean towel for the clubs.


What’s the one thing you’d never forget to pack?


My "never leave the house without" items, and the first things I double-check before leaving are my phone, my wallet, my AirPods, and my watches. I'm a watch guy, so I always pack a few watches for different occasions when going on a trip.


How to Pack for Golf Trips: Proven Strategies from an Expert Golfer



And what are your golf travel bag essentials?


My golf bag is pretty minimal because I like to keep it light. I’ll usually pack a few balls, tees, a divot tool, a ball marker, and a range finder. One unique thing is I keep a few custom balls in my bag that I never use. Each of the balls holds various meanings and memories for me.


If you’re looking for more specific tips on how to pack a golf bag for travel, this list should help

1. Invest in a durable hard-shell golf bag to keep your club safe in transit. Soft-shell bags are great if you want something that’s lighter and easier to transport, but might not have the same level of protection. You’ll also want to make sure your bag has plenty of padding and wheels for cruising around the airport.

2. Load up your bag with your clubs and organize them by type and number. Place the largest clubs in the back and the smallest in the front so you can see all of your options clearly.

3. Detach the heads (if possible) to reduce the chance of them bending or breaking.

4. Use the top pocket on your bag to store your most-used items like tees, spare balls, ball markers, and divot repair tools. Use the less accessible pockets for items like spare gloves, sunscreen, and sunglasses. Use the least accessible pockets for things like a raincoat, first aid kit, and any valuables.

5. If you have empty space in the bag, fill it with your shoes, bubble wrap, newspaper, or your socks and golf towels to keep your clubs secure.

6. Use a stiff arm to absorb the impact if your bags are dropped.

7. Golf travel clothing: OluKai Golf shoes, golf shirts, gloves, socks, shorts or pants, a belt, and a hat. If you’re headed to cold or wet climates, make sure you pack your best rain gear and plenty of layers to keep you warm on the course (and at the clubhouse after).

8. Golf travel accessories: Golf balls, ball markers, tees, towels, sunscreen, lip balm, sunglasses, a bottle opener, playing cards, and a portable charger for long days on the course.


Now that we’ve got the packing for the golf trip covered, what’s your favorite part about taking one?


Number one is definitely getting to spend time with friends or new people that you meet along the way. Golf has always been more about the social aspect for me than trying to shoot the lowest number. I just like to have fun out there and enjoy a good course with good people.




That’s the Aloha Golf way! Any recommendations for golf trip destinations?


Sea Island in Georgia was the first really cool golf trip I went on when I was younger, so that will always be a special place for me. This past winter, I took my first trip to Hawai‘i with OluKai and some fellow players. I will say that every golfer should do that at least once in their career and/or life. We played the Kukui‘ula course on Kaua‘i. It’s a pretty unbelievable place.


How to Pack for Golf Trips: Proven Strategies from an Expert Golfer



We had a blast on that trip. As far as style goes, how would you describe yours?


Minimal athletic is probably how I would describe my style on the course. You can always find me wearing a clean pair of kicks—usually sneaker style—and muted colors (black and white). As I mentioned before, my staple is a fitted Yankees hat. If you ever see me golfing, it'll be in a Yanks fitted.


Could you offer up any style tips for our readers?


Wear what you like! I have a much more muted style, so I prefer to wear black and white and focus the energy on the kicks. For me, the fit always starts with the shoes and builds up from there! One of the cool things about golf is that it allows you to really express your style on the course. I always encourage people to wear what they think is comfortable and looks good. The best-kept secret in golf is that it doesn't matter what you shoot as long as you look good doing it.


We Have You Covered on Shoes for a Golf Trip…


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