The Best Water Sandals For The Beach & Beyond (Men & Women)

From mauka (mountainside) to makai (oceanside), no adventure is complete without the right pair of water sandals. They need to have maximum grip, feel light and airy, and be made with materials that can keep up with your day. Plus, they should be as stylish as they are functional.


We work hard to deliver all of that to you and more in our styles. But what exactly makes OluKai sandals perform better in the water? Let’s dive in.


Why are OluKai sandals the best for the water?


Three reasons: materials, traction, and support.


Let’s start with the materials. When crafting our footwear, this is one of the first aspects we consider. Beyond looking good, the material of each specific sandal needs to perform exceptionally well in the environment it’s designed for. So for water sandals, that means oceans, lakes, rivers, waterfalls, pools, or any other body of blue. The best materials will resist water, dry quickly after getting wet, be durable yet lightweight, and breathe.


As far as traction goes, we don’t mess around. Our ‘Wet Grip Rubber’ is engineered to deliver grip on any surface, wet or dry. That way, when you’re jumping rocks, climbing into the kayak, or hanging out on the boat dock, your water sandals won’t slip or fall. Essentially, we design the ideal sandals for Hawai‘i (and any other coastal locale). 


Last but certainly not least: support. If you’re wearing outdoor sandals, chances are you’re spending time on your feet. For that, you need good arch support. We build our beach sandals with anatomically correct arches and contoured footbeds to provide all-day comfort. Learn more about why arch support sandals matter.


Where do OluKai sandals perform best?


Our beach and water sandals are designed to perform in and around wet environments. We’re talking both saltwater and freshwater.


They repel water and dry quickly so that your feet stay nice and comfy throughout the day. Plus, our grippy outsoles will keep you safe on slippery surfaces like rocks, cliffs, boat decks, and docks. And hey, they look pretty good when you’re cruising around town too.


Just remember that submerging your sandals for long periods could cause damage. Be sure to check whether your style is listed as a waterproof sandal or a water-resistant/water-friendly sandal.


Which styles do we recommend for the water?


We love all of our styles the same, but we do have a few favorites when it comes to men’s and women’s water sandals.


Guys, if you’re on the hunt for a new beach sandal, we’d recommend starting with:



For the wāhine (women), we’d suggest our:



All of these sandals feature a water-ready design and premium materials that’ll keep your feet cruising all day long. Follow the links below to shop our full collection water sandals collection for men and women.



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