7 Beaches to Spearfish on the Big Island

7 Beaches to Spearfish on the Big Island 1Now that your appetite has been whetted for fresh fish on the big island, let's take a look at where you'll find these culinary delights. Honomalino This secluded beach just a small hike from Miloli'i is a favorite of mine. Located on the south side of Kona, the fish here are very tame. All the fish discussed in this article can be found at this beach. Honomalino is very good for day or night diving that won't disappoint. Maninis Named after the Manini, this beach's namesake fish are anything but small here. Located on the kona side of the island, this little beach will take your breath away. From the scenic land to the ocean view, it's just beautiful. Here you can also find all the fish from the previous article. Depending on the time of the year, you can also spy humpbacks here. Keaukaha This four mile stretch will keep you coming back for more. With so many spots to choose from, you could be diving here a lot. Located on the Hilo side of the island, the water here is cold. This is another beach that is good for day and night dives. If you are intimidated by the fact that sharks might be swimming about, Keaukaha also has a lot of sheltered areas to dive. Hakalau This little beach is one of my favorites. I literally come here once a week. All fish listed in the other article can be found here for sure. In the river you can find mullet and Aholehole swimming freely. At the river mouth papios and mois school. And sometimes the water is murky enough to surprise any fish. Pine trees This beautiful stretch of beach is located on the Kona side of the island and is accessible from the same road as OTEC, but instead of turning right to go to OTEC, you turn left. An unpaved road runs the length of coast here. Diving here is just awesome. Warm, clear water and abundant fish make Pine trees great for day or night dives. Lymons This little beach is located near the heart of Kailua-Kona. I frequently dived this beach when I lived in Kona. A great beach for a quick in and out dive. Lemons has a good variety of fish and clear water and is great for surfing when swells hit the island. There are a lot of reef and rock formations for fish to hide in. Kopoho This coast line is located on the Puna side of the island. Expect cliffs, cold deep water, and  a wide variety of fish. Fresh water seeping from the shoreline can cause a salinity differential, which will affect your vision. All fish from my article can be found here and more. Manpachi flood the holes and caves here. From hot springs to fish variety this coast won't disappoint. Also check out 7 Fish to Spearfish for on the Big Island By Shannon Keoni Marcelo

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