Men’s Sandals

Men’s Sandals

The Best Sandals Made For Men

Men’s Sandals

What Different Types of Men’s Sandals does OluKai Offer?

OluKai offers a wide variety of men’s sandals including Men’s Beach Sandals, Men’s Leather Sandals, and Men’s Slide Sandals.

How are OluKai Men’s Sandals and Men's Flip Flops Great for Arch Support?

At the core of all our men’s sandals is our anatomical footbed; a biomechanically engineered shape that supports and positions your entire foot naturally, allowing it to move through the stride comfortably. Our footbed design makes our men’s sandals great for arch support.

Why are OluKai Men’s Sandals and Men's Flip Flops the Most Comfortable Sandals

OluKai men’s shoes and sneakers are extremely comfortable because they are handcrafted on custom-made lasts for superior fit, comfort, and support. Our generous toe box allows your toes and forefoot to stretch naturally with each step while the arch and heel of our anatomical footbed cushions and stabilizes your stride.

Do OluKai Men’s Sandals and Men's Flip Flops Become Slippery on the Footbed When Wet?

OluKai offers an enhanced traction footbed on a number of our men’s sandals styles to ensure you will not be slipping around if you get your men’s sandals wet.

Which OluKai Men’s Sandals and Men's Flip Flops are Best for Walking?

All of our men’s sandals are designed to fit comfortably for long periods of time. Made with anatomically correct footbed cushions and premium materials, our men’s sandals offer sustained support when walking or standing.

What is the Difference Between Men’s Slide Sandals and Men’s Sandals?

Men’s slide sandals are backless and open-toed, essentially an open-toed mule. Slide straps are wrapped over the top of the foot. Unlike men’s sandals or flip flops, our men’s slide sandals do not have a Y-shaped strap.

What's the Difference between Men's Sandals and Men's Flip Flops?

Men’s flip flops are a type of men’s sandal. They’re typically light, made of plastic or rubber, and have a Y-shaped strap. Sandals, a term that encompasses many styles, are often more durable than flip flops, with soles made from leather, cork, or thick rubber. We tend to refer to our men’s open-toed shoes as “men’s sandals” because they offer more support, comfort, and durability than you’d find in a men’s flip flop.