Introducing Our Exclusive Cashmere Slippers

Does the idea of slipping into pure luxury sound good right about now? As temperatures drop, slippers become our favorite sidekick (alongside a crackling fire and a hot cocoa, of course). But what if we told you you could take your slipper game to the next level with cashmere? Well, you can.


Let us introduce you to our exclusive cashmere-lined slippers – a limited time release just in time for the holidays.



Cashmere 101


You might be familiar with this delightfully soft fiber from your favorite, luxury sweater, but what is cashmere, and where does cashmere come from? The short story is that it’s a fiber obtained from goats found across the Himalayas. They grow an incredibly soft cashmere undercoat – but only in small amounts, and it can only be retrieved once a year. It’s known for being one of the softest fibers in the world, and its thin hairs allow it to be woven into luxurious garments. It’s also surprisingly durable. This combination of rarity, labor intensive processing, and incredible softness, make it one of the most desirable fibers around.


Cashmere Slippers? Tell us More


Just when you thought our slippers couldn’t get any better, we bring you a cashmere-lined version. Why is cashmere the perfect material for slippers? Because it’s so luxurious, soft, durable, and warm. Both the men’s Moloā ’Ili and the women’s Ku’una ’Ili feature a dreamy cashmere lining. In addition to this warm and toasty lining, these slippers are wrapped in a super soft and supple full-grain leather which is even softer than our classic full-grain leather slippers that you know and love.




Soft and Durable?


So, how durable are cashmere slippers? Good question. And one with a surprising answer. Cashmere is actually a very high quality, durable material. In addition, these slippers feature full-grain leather midsoles for truly elevated wear, while the outsoles have been buffed for non-marking traction, making them the perfect house slippers. And, like all OluKai footwear, these cashmere slippers come with our One Year Warranty.


The OluKai Touch


The good vibes don’t stop there. Our cashmere slippers have all the other classic OluKai qualities you love us for. And yes, that means our Drop-In Heel®, the Wet Sand Principle, removable and washable footbeds, and intricate stitched details.


Your Everywhere Slippers


Wondering where you can wear cashmere slippers? Really, the question should be where can’t you wear them, because these supremely comfy slippers are perfect for around the house, working from home, and packed in your bag for the mountain condo. We’ll be keeping a spare pair at the office for chilly work mornings too. But hey, they're cashmere. Slip on your boots or all-terrain OluKai slippers when it's time to romp around in the great outdoors.


Caring for Cashmere


Lucky for you, the most care you’ll likely need to do is remove and wash the footbeds on your new cashmere slippers. But if you do need to clean the cashmere lining itself, bear in mind that high temperatures are not its friends. Always wash cashmere in cold water and dry away from heat sources.


Luxury Cashmere. Limited Supply.


Do they sound too good to be true? That depends on how long you take to decide you can’t live without them. Because we only made a limited supply of our OluKai cashmere slippers. Our advice? Give yourself the gift of luxury (and maybe do the same for someone else you really like), but don’t wait too long, because these are as rare as the cashmere goats.


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