Get Your Greens In With Nourish Hanalei

As part of our ongoing #CantQuarantineAloha Series on IGTV, we've gotten the chance to team up with several members of our OluKai 'Ohana to share their products, passions and unique skills with our dedicated OluKai community. This week, we're joined by the lovely wahine at Nourish Hanalei as they blend up a refreshing green smoothie bowl topped with shredded coconut and granola - the sweetest way to get your fruits and veggies in for the day! Check out the recipe below and tune in on IGTV by clicking here to make this delicious bowl alongside Marla from Nourish Hanalei!


Nourishing Green Smoothie Bowl



1 cup Frozen Mango

2 Apple Bananas (or 1 Regular Banana)

1/2 cup Spinach

1/4 cup Kale

3 Fresh Mint Leaves

1 tsp Hawaiian Spirulina Powder

1/4 cup Coconut Water


Optional Toppings

Fruit of Your Choice (We Used Banana, Dragonfruit and Guava)


Shredded Coconut




1. Place all smoothie ingredients into a high-speed blender.

2. Turn blender on the lowest setting and slowly increase speed as you press the fruit down with your tamper.

3. Blend until smooth; add more liquid as necessary.

4. Empty contents into your bowl and top with your toppings of choice. Enjoy!

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