Going Back To Our Roots with Kuleana Rum Works

As part of our ongoing #CantQuarantineAloha Series on IGTV, we've gotten the chance to team up with several members of our OluKai 'Ohana to share their products, passions and unique skills with our dedicated OluKai community. This week, we're joined by master mixologist Art Deakins from Kuleana Rum Works, a premium rum distillery located on the Big Island of Hawai'i. Tune in on IGTV to shake up an Island-inspired cocktail alongside Art with the recipe below, and keep reading to learn more about the sustainable production process behind the rum from Kuleana Rum Works!


With the tagline, "The Art and Soul of Rum" and a process that uses heirloom sugarcane brought over by Hawai'i's original wayfinders, it's no wonder the team at Kuleana Rum Works is able to produce such a pure, premium product straight from native soil that foregoes any additives like coloring and flavoring to achieve its naturally delicious taste.


These days, most rum sold in the US contains additives like caramel coloring and sugar to make it look and taste good. What makes Kuleana Rum Works so unique in the industry is they don’t add anything to their rums. Additionally, they make rum from fresh sugarcane juice — less than 3% of the world’s rum is made this way — and it all starts from the ground at their very own farm in Kohala, HI, where they grow all 40 varieties of kō (native Hawaiian sugarcane) that were cultivated by ancient wayfinders in Hawai'i. The team at Kuleana Rum Works harvests their own sugarcane and turns it into rum by fermenting and distilling fresh sugarcane juice in a slow and thoughtful process in order to produce their own Rum Agricole, a premium rum that is rare to find around the world and has an incredibly delicious and distinct flavor. By growing their own sugarcane and using it for their products, Kuleana Rum Works is preserving a piece of our culture and history while continuing to take care of the 'aīna (land) in the way we were intended to.


Guava Trails Cocktail


2 oz. Kuleana Rum Works Hawaiian Rum Agricole

1 oz. Puréed Guava

1 oz. Waiola Coconut Water

0.5 oz. Fresh Pressed Lemon Juice

0.25 oz. Sugar

Dash of Angostura Bitters (optional)



Add all ingredients together into a cocktail shaker and add a bit of ice on top. Then, shake until well-blended and serve over new ice. Enjoy!

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