Introducing OluKai Pickleball Shoes

You read that right. OluKai has just launched an exciting new line of pickleball shoes, marking our first step into pickleball. After the successful launch of our golf collection, it’s time for pickleball enthusiasts to enjoy the same level of quality and performance on the court. Meet the ‘Anau, designed with the player in mind.


What Makes the Best Pickleball Shoes?


The best pickleball shoes, much like in any sport, are the ones that meet the unique demands of the game. Pickleball requires quick lateral movements, swift transitions, and prolonged periods of play, which our shoes are specifically designed to handle. With features like high traction for stability, breathable materials to keep your feet cool, and durable yet lightweight construction for effortless movement, our pickleball shoes answer every need on the court.


Designed Specifically for Pickleball


Why choose pickleball-specific shoes? When you're sprinting across the court, you need footwear that's up to the task. Our new styles, the ‘Anau for both men and women, feature technologies that enhance performance. These include enhanced grip on court surfaces, indoor or outdoor, strategic cushioning to support rapid starts and stops, and lateral stability for quick side-to-side movements.


Breathability and Comfort Combined


One of the standout features of the OluKai pickleball shoes is their breathability. We know that a good session on the court can get intense, so we've integrated materials such as breathable mesh that allow for maximum air circulation, keeping your feet cool no matter how heated the game gets. With our anatomically shaped arch support and terry cloth lining, you can enjoy maximum comfort and functionality.



Beyond the Court: Style Meets Functionality


OluKai’s philosophy has always been about a seamless transition from activity to casual relaxation, and our pickleball shoes are no exception. Designed to be stylish enough for post-game fun and comfortable for all-day wear, these shoes ensure you stay ready for anything, from a casual meet-up to an unexpected match.


What the Players Are Saying


We invited pickleball players from various backgrounds to test our new line on the courts. Here’s what they had to say:


"I love how comfortable the shoe is on court and lightweight. But my favourite thing about the shoe is all the colour options - they are all so cute!” - Hannah Blatt, Professional Pickleball Player


"The new OluKai pickleball shoes have been outstanding! Besides the sleek and stylish look off the court, the support on both the sole and sides of my feet have played a tremendous role in helping me move swiftly on the court. The sturdiness and durability of the shoe have also been amazing as I tend to wear out all my old shoes way too quickly." - Ricky Liorti, Pickleball Club General Manager


Explore the Full Collection


The ‘Anau series is available in men’s and women’s styles, ensuring every player can find their perfect match. Whether playing a friendly game or competing in a tournament, our shoes provide the support and performance you need.


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