The Must-Have Guide to Driving in Golf

Is there anything better than sending that ball flying down the fairway with an epic drive? At OluKai, we understand the feeling all too well. That’s why we created this handy guide, with golf driving advice, drills for perfecting a golf swing, and more.



The Must-Have Guide to Driving in Golf


The Successful Swing


What’s the best driver swing technique? First off, remember that your driver is your longest club, usually about 45” long. It’s also the fastest one you’ll swing and the toughest one to swing consistently.


That extra length means more distance between you and the ball and a lower loft (the angle between the clubface and the ground). What does that mean for your golf game? In simple terms, you should treat your driver differently than you would your irons. Here’s how:


Teeing up your ball (which you should always do when driving) will allow you to hit it at the right impact position—the upswing—which you’ll need to get the distance out of your drive. Then…


- Place the ball a few inches inside the instep of your front foot

- Widen your stance so your feet are slightly wider than your shoulders to create a solid base

- Tilt your spine to open towards the direction of your swing (you’ll know you’re doing it right if your shoulder is higher on that side)

- Keep about 80% of your weight on your front foot

- Let it rip!


To make sure your swing is strong, you’ll need plenty of comfort and support under your feet. Good news! The sturdy multi-directional traction of the Kā‘anapali for men and the lightweight and cushioned Kawela for her are the perfect fit.


The Must-Have Guide to Driving in Golf


How Can I Improve My Golf Driving?


Bringing out the full potential of your drive can be tricky. But hey, that’s what we are here for! Let’s jump into a couple of exercises that can help improve your success rate.


Train for speed with a lighter club: Good driving requires speed, but that’s tough to train for with your longest club. So don’t. Swinging a lighter club while you practice driving is a great way to build up that quickness.


Train for strength with a heavier club: Good driving also requires strength, and that’s where the heavier clubs come into play. To do this, you can purchase training clubs, tip weights, or try swinging two clubs at once.


By the way, if you want a realistic number to keep in your mind, a good drive for an average golfer is 215 yards for men and 145 for women. Don’t be discouraged if you’re not hitting these numbers every time – it’s just something to keep in mind as you play and practice.


For training on and off the course, we love the Wailea for her and Wai‘alae for him. Both are made with waterproof leather, have a comfy cushioned midsole, and a drop in heel for post-round Pau Hana (happy hour).


Golf Driving Tips for Beginners (and Everyone!)


Want to know how to drive consistently in golf? Here are a few tricks that can help lower your scores even more.


1. Tee high: It’s easier to impact on the upswing when your tee is high enough that at least half the ball is above the crown of the driver.

2. Aim for the logo: Turn the logo of your ball into a target. Place it on the tee facing away from the direction you’re hitting, and slightly down. This will help get your body in the right position and give you something to aim for.

3. When you’re at the driving range, place your club’s head cover about a grip’s length in front of the tee. In order to avoid hitting the cover, you’ll subconsciously begin to improve your upswing.


The Must-Have Guide to Driving in Golf


Feeling confident in how to improve your golf swing? Let’s find the shoes that’ll bring out your best.


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