OluKai x Kahala Collaboration

We're thrilled to announce our collaboration between Kahala and OluKai, two brands deeply rooted in heritage and legacy. This partnership is guided by the belief that heritage isn't merely inherited—it's an active expression of our past, carried into the present with intention and pride.


Kahala's Legacy: The Original Aloha Shirt


Since its inception in 1936, Kahala has been at the forefront of defining the iconic Aloha shirt. Tom Park, Director of the brand, shares, "With Kahala’s rich history, dating back to the 1930s, we have an incredible archive of heritage prints that we are reimagining into prints that are just as relevant today. Telling the stories of Hawai‘i’s past is an important part of maintaining the legacy of the Aloha Shirt. It’s an honor for us as a brand to be a part of the history and the future of the Aloha Shirt."


The Collaboration: A Fusion of Ocean and Style


In Hawai‘i, life revolves around the ocean, an intrinsic element passed down through generations. While exploring their archives for this collaboration, Kahala discovered a 1940s pattern that beautifully captures the essence of the ocean. This design features names of iconic beaches, surfing and outrigger illustrations, and the famous jumping rock at Waimea. We've merged this oceanic lifestyle into a timeless pattern that celebrates a way of life revered across generations.


OluKai x Kahala Collaboration


Experience the Aloha Spirit


We’re delighted to introduce special bundles that perfectly pair our footwear with Kahala's matching Aloha shirts. With various options designed for every style and occasion, embracing the spirit of this collaboration is super easy.


Join the Journey

The Kahala x OluKai collaboration is more than a collection—it's a celebration of heritage, craftsmanship, and the adventurous spirit of Aloha. Join us in this celebration, and shop the full collection today.


OluKai x Kahala Collaboration

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