Our Most Technical Sandal Yet

We love bringing you supportive footwear that performs in and around the water. When we set out to build the Ulele men’s beach sandal, we wanted it to be our most technical sandal yet.


As a result, Ulele is the top of the line water-ready flip flop built for anything: sand, water, docks, trails, and rocks. We chose every detail of Ulele’s construction, material choices, and design to deliver a superior sandal for versatile outdoor (or indoor) use. And much like other OluKai sandals or flip flops, like ‘Ohana and Hokua, Ulele is as comfortable as they come.


Here’s what makes Ulele our most technical sandal:


Best-In-Class Materials


With Ulele, we sought out the best materials for water performance. The laser-cut synthetic straps are lined with a water-resistant microfiber that repels moisture and feels soft against the skin.


The toe post is made with a nylon material that fits comfortably between the toes without rubbing, making them comfortable enough to walk around in all day.


Underneath Ulele, you’ll find our non-marking ‘Wet Grip Rubber’ with a kapa-art-inspired lug design and razor siping (a process of cutting thin slits across a rubber surface to improve traction). That outsole is built to give you premium grip whether you’re on the dock, boat, or climbing rocks on the coastline. Last but not least, Ulele floats. So when you do take them out on the water, don’t be afraid to jump in.


I wore them around the pool, on the sand, and over some pretty slick rocks and had no issues. I noticed the soles are sipped, which is awesome for grip on slick surfaces. Definitely recommend as these flip flops are awesome!” -Troy, Verified Buyer


Ulele Men’s Beach Sandals - Our Most Technical Sandal Yet 

Supportive Construction


What truly sets Ulele is support. Like all of our footwear, that support begins with our Wet Sand Principle. OluKai’s design philosophy intends to capture the feeling of a bare foot stepping into wet sand.


All at once, the sand cups the heel, fills the arch, and splays the toes—molding to your foot regardless of shape. The cupped heel offers stability, the contoured footbed provides lasting comfort, and the toe box allows the toes to spread naturally with no restrictions.


Ulele has all of this signature OluKai support, plus the added cushioning of an EVA midsole. EVA is a foam known for its unmatched stability, shock absorption, durability, and rebound. Essentially, Ulele delivers the high level of comfort and support you get from your sneakers in the ease of a sandal.


“Hands down, best beach sandal I've had in my life! Comfort level is beyond expectation. Wear them on a daily! Kudos to Ulele and its craftmanship.” - Kevin, Verified Buyer


OluKai Ulele Men’s Beach Sandals - Our Most Technical Sandal Yet-2 

Thoughtful Design


The design of Ulele pays homage to the Islands. The word “ulele” actually translates to “to be nimble; to jump into action” and was chosen to represent this sandal’s ability to move quickly on any surface.


The laser cut-outs on Ulele’s strap draw inspiration from kalo (taro), a deeply respected staple crop in Hawai‘i. Kalo leaves are also naturally hydrophobic, tying back to Ulele’s ability to repel and resist water.


“These are the best flip-flops my world has ever known.” - Gary, Verified Buyer


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