Pipeline Sandbar

Pipeline Sandbar 1

You've seen it all over Instagram or heard about it from your fellow weekend warrior... It's the elusive Pipeline Sandbar. Created by a big northwest swell that pushes sand to the east followed consecutively by a big northeast swell that pushes the sand west carving out a natural lagoon, the "Sandbar" in front of North Shore's famed Pipe has become this season's coveted watering hole. If you're lucky enough to make it up country on a gorgeous day to witness this phenomenon, you'll no doubt find yourself in good company. Families, photographers, surfers and sun worshipers all enjoy this natural onshore pool because the water is calm, cool and clean. Unlike a boring in-ground pool, as the waves crash just off shore, the pool fills from below with lots of fresh ocean water. What's more is that there's something for everyone! Waves for surfers, a placid pool for the kids and some shell picking and photo ops for the beach bunnies. Remember that this only happens when the conditions are just right. So when the day comes-pack up a couple boards and hit the road up North. We promise you won't regret it.

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