The 10 Most Comfortable Walking Sandals For Men & Women

Did you know that OluKai makes some of the most comfortable walking sandals around? True story. Whether you’re planning on walking around Honolulu, cruising the boardwalks, or traveling to-from the islands, these sandals were made for walking.


It all comes down to the anatomy of our sandals. For starters, they offer genuine arch support. It’s something we call our Wet Sand Principle – designed to capture the feeling of a barefoot stepping into wet sand. As you walk it cups the heel, fills the arch, and splays the toes—molding to the foot regardless of the shape. Next up, the cupped heel offers stability and shock absorption and the contoured footbeds provide all-day comfort. Finally, the toe box allows the toes to spread naturally with no restrictions. So next time you’re heading out, don’t worry about heading home with achy feet – just throw on your OluKai walking sandals and you’ll be set!


But which are our most comfortable walking sandals for men and women? Just read on to find out.


Our Most Comfortable Walking Sandals for Men


 Ulele Men’s Beach Sandals




The Tuahine is a king among sandals – designed to look good and feel good. Crafted with waterproof full-grain leather, these walking sandals will take you to the water’s edge without a worry because a splash or two won’t ruin their day. Seeing as we’ve got the beach on our minds, we should mention how the heel cup cradles the foot perfectly, minimizing side-to-side movement as you walk along the sand. What’s more, the stitching is inspired by the winds of Hawaiʻi, making them a breeze to walk in no matter the occasion.




The best sandals for walking? Without a doubt, the Ulele ranks high. It embodies everything you love about your favorite sneakers – lightweight, versatile, modern – but in the ease of a sandal. And let’s face it, sometimes it’s just a sandals day, even if a lot of walking is on the agenda. Not to worry – with our anatomical arch support system and generous toe box, these walking sandals will take you wherever you need to go… in comfort.




Looking for the most comfortable sandals to walk around the islands? Then you should definitely consider the handsome ‘Ilikai. Designed with a soft, curved line that mimics a calm ocean surface, this sandal is good-looking, supportive, and water-resistant too (but hey – don’t go wading in that beautiful full-grain leather, cool?)




Definitely a winner when it comes to walking and beach readiness, the Kōko‘o combines comfort and practicality, as it’s designed to float to the surface when submerged and shake dry in seconds. So walk until you can’t walk anymore, then go for a swim without worrying about your sandals. The Kōko‘o does it all.




An OluKai classic, the ‘Ohana features a smooth drop-in footbed, giving it the perfect anatomical fit. But this is just one of several reasons they make the cut as great walking sandals. They’re an ideal everyday style, fitting in anywhere and everywhere, and they go the distance whether that’s cruising around town or heading to the beach (they are water-friendly, after all).



Our Most Comfortable Walking Sandals for Women


 ‘Ohana Women’s Beach Sandals




Best walking sandals for women? There’s a solid case for saying that the ‘Aukai is exactly that. An understated style made with beautifully soft leather, these sandals were made for walking. And we’re talking walking in town, walking to the beach, and walking just about anywhere, because they’re as versatile as they are supportive. The ‘Aukai’s anatomical arch support system provides all of the comfort and support your feet deserve, and then some, while the generous toe box allows your toes to spread and move naturally.




Walking sandals for women come in all shapes and sizes, but none are as classic as OluKai’s ‘Ohana – a favorite since the beginning. Although this water-resistant sandal might be casual, it’s constructed like fine footwear, and incorporates anatomically correct arch support for comfort and better balance throughout the body. So walk on friends, ‘Ohana (literally) has your back.




Inspired by the Mexican Vaqueros who taught Hawaiians how to manage cattle, the Paniolo are great walking sandals. Drawing on days of adventure past and crafted so you can embrace your own, the construction of these walking sandals for women features our anatomical arch support system, a heel that provides stability and natural shock absorption, and a room-to-move toe box.


Nu‘a Pi‘o


Love to walk in sneakers but feel like it’s a sandal kind of day? Then slip on the Nu‘a Pi‘o, and you’ll be just fine. Contemporary and versatile, these walking sandals for women bring everything you love about sneakers into a classic sandal silhouette. Designed with a super cushy sole and water-friendly materials, it has the style of a platform shoe with the function and comfort of a sandal (we call that a win around here).




We couldn’t talk about the best walking sandals for women without a mention of the Honu. With a wrapped leather footbed adorned with honu (sea turtle) inspired, laser-etched artwork and premium leather straps, this sandal is as stunning as it is luxurious to walk in. And, naturally, it features the arch support, cupped heel, and generous toe box all of our sandals are known for.

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