The 5 Best Barefoot Shoes for Men & Women

Warm weather means it’s time to swap out your cozy boots for lightweight sneakers. And if you love feeling the breeze as much as we do, you might want to skip socks altogether.


We design all of our slip-on shoes and sneakers for barefoot wear by using materials that breathe and feel soft against your skin (i.e. less sweating and uncomfortable rubbing).


The best part? You can throw our footbeds right into the washer to keep things fresh. Here are the top 5 OluKai barefoot shoes for men and women that will make wearing socks a thing of the past. 




Best 5 Barefoot Shoes For Men


1. Tradewind Canvas Barefoot Sneakers


Introducing our Tradewind Sneaker: the ultimate men's shoe for that barefoot feel with a stylish twist. Perfect for the warmer months, its washable footbed keeps things fresh, making it a breeze to maintain. The Tradewind offers canvas comfort, style, and freedom in every step.


2. Lae'ahi Men’s Breathable Barefoot Sneakers


Comfortable barefoot wear is paramount for the perfect, everyday beach sneaker. So we crafted the breathable Lae‘ahi with our Drop-In Heel® and a removable and washable insole. This uncomplicated sneaker flawlessly blends ease of wear with the very best of Island Soul to give you an unparalleled fit. Just slip them on and go.


3. Moku Pae Men’s Barefoot Boat Shoes


Need a boat shoe that you can wear barefoot? Look no further than Moku Pae. Built for ocean adventures, our Moku Pae brings a modern approach to the traditional boat shoe. We designed it with breathable mesh and our signature Drop-In-Heel for ease.


4. Nohea Moku Men’s No Tie Barefoot Boat Shoes


Check out our Nohea Moku Sneaker: perfect for those who love the water and the city. It's easy to wear with its Drop-In Heel® and keeps your feet fresh with a washable footbed. Whether you're on a boat or walking downtown, these sneakers will have you feeling comfortable and fresh. 


5. Mio Lī Men’s Everyday Barefoot Sneakers


Meet the Mio Lī Sneaker: your go-to for that barefoot-like comfort wrapped in effortless style. Available in a variety of colors, it's a versatile sneaker that complements any outfit. Crafted for the easygoing lifestyle, it features a breathable, lightweight design that mirrors the liberating feel of walking barefoot, thanks to its cushioned and washable footbed.


Best 5 Barefoot Shoes For Women



1. Kohu Women’s Canvas Barefoot Sneakers


Discover the Kohu Sneaker, designed with a breathable canvas upper and ultra-soft lining for a barefoot-comfort feel. It comes with a removable footbed for convenience and a Drop-In Heel® for effortless slip-on flexibility. Minimalist and clean, it pairs with every outfit, making it a wardrobe staple. 


2. Pehuea Women’s Breathable Barefoot Sneakers


Drop-in and bliss out with the casual and breathable comfort of the Pehuea. Crafted with lightweight materials, our signature Drop-In Heel®, and a removable and washable footbed (like all of our sneakers), this slip-on is as vibrant and laidback as life in Hawai‘i. It’s the breezy shoe for everything you do.


3. Pehuea Lī Women’s Casual Barefoot Sneakers


If you haven’t guessed by now, our Pehuea Collection is all about breathability. Whether you’re exploring the beaches along Kaua‘i’s north shore or catching a Maui sunrise, you’ll find the perfect companion in this everyday casual lace-up sneaker. It has that same signature mesh design that makes barefoot wear feel even better.


4. Kīlea Women’s Classic Court Barefoot Sneakers


The Kīlea redefines laid-back luxury with a nod to barefoot wear comfort. Crafted for life's adventures, these shoes feature a lightweight and breathable construction, allowing for a close-to-nature feel with every step. The cushioned footbed, designed to mimic the sensation of barefoot walking, is both removable and washable, ensuring your feet stay comfortable and fresh.


5. Wailuku Women’s Athletic Barefoot Sneakers


Embrace athleisure with the Wailuku, designed for the barefoot lover who craves style and comfort. Lightweight and breathable, it captures the essence of barefoot ease while providing the support you need, whether you're hitting the gym or the city streets. With its washable footbed, the Wailuku keeps you cool and comfortable, merging easily into your active lifestyle.

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