The Importance of Arch Support in Athletic Shoes

Whether we’re out and about on the islands or in the zone at the gym, at OluKai, we know that arch support makes all the difference. Ready to discover why? Here’s the scoop on arch-support technology in athletic shoes: what you need to know.


What is Arch Support & Why Does It Matter?


We’ll start with the biggest question: the role of arch support in reducing foot strain and fatigue. Arch supports are devices inside athletic shoes that provide both balance and comfort to the arches of your feet.


Our foot arches hold our entire standing body weight and propel us forward in movement. So clearly, the importance of proper arch support for athletes and fitness enthusiasts is something we need to think about in our footwear.


The Importance of Arch Support in Athletic Shoes



Here are a few ways that arch support in athletic shoes can help prevent foot pain and injury:


- Arch support is crucial in athletic shoes because it helps to avoid foot injuries—acting as both a shock absorber and a stabilizer as you move.

- Arch support helps keep your feet in alignment, reducing the chance that they will roll onto the outer edge.

- Posture too? You bet. With the right arch support, you can keep a better posture, especially when standing for long periods.

- Beyond your feet, the right kind of arch support can make a positive impact on pain elsewhere in the body (if it’s coming from your feet).


Lucky for you, the Kīlea for her and the Pūnini for him offer the best arch support. What’s more, both deliver a versatile street-meets-beach vibe and comfortably contoured foot beds.


Will It Improve My Performance?


Everyday support is an amazing start, but now you might be wondering… What’s the impact of arch support on my overall workout comfort and energy?


We’re glad you asked! Let’s talk about the relationship between arch support and workout endurance in athletic shoes. By guiding the foot through its proper functions, arch support allows the muscles and tendons to perform more efficiently. In less supportive shoes, your muscles need to compensate for imbalances you probably didn’t even know existed. Take this problem away (with the right shoes) and you’ll stop wasting energy to stabilize your stance. Some common foot ailments such as heel pain and plantar fasciitis can affect your game too, and arch support can go a long way in helping out.




If you’re looking for light athletic shoes that provide exceptional support without the extra weight, we love the Holo and Kāholo for him and the Huia and Kāholo for her.


How Do I Choose the Right Shoes?


So, you know your everyday and active moments will get a boost from shoes with the right support, so let’s get to the final, well… step: choosing athletic shoes with the arch support needed for improved performance.


Check out these two handy tests:

Twist It: Holding the shoe in both hands, twist the toe away and the heel towards you. The tougher it is to twist, the better the arch support.

Bend It: Try bending the shoe in half, if it easily folds like a book, it doesn’t have the best arch support. What you want to see is some resistance, where the middle doesn’t break.


Ah, but what about online shopping, you ask? That’s where a good old-fashioned customer testimonial steps in. Also, we fully stand by all our shoes (get it?) and if for any reason your pick is not the perfect fit, returns are always free within 30 days.




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