Why OluKai are the Ultimate Travel Shoes

When you’re out there trotting the globe, whether that’s kayaking the Milford Sound down in New Zealand, or checking off every Gaudí site in Barcelona, perhaps your most important travel tool is the right footwear. And not just sneakers that won’t fall apart (that’s the least you could ask for), we’re talking sneakers that stay comfy on all-day walking tours of the city, sneakers that thrive in inclement weather; ones that excel on layovers in international airports. For that kind of traveling — and any journey between — OluKai truly makes the most comfortable ultimate travel shoes for the task. We’ll tell you exactly why, plus, which ones might be best for your travels, and even a few destination ideas if you’re racking your brain for where to go next.


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Little Weather? No Problem


Not all trips and world travels are sunshine and clear skies. No matter how much you paid for the ticket. That’s not necessarily a bad-thing, of course. There’s an undeniable romance about escaping an afternoon shower by slipping into a warm café or pub to grab an espresso and watch the rain drops creep down the windows — wherever that might be in the world. For those slick cobblestones on the outside, however, what you need are sneakers with water-resistant materials and certainly some great no-slip Wet Grip rubber traction on the outsoles. Luckily…that’s exactly what OluKai’s got in store for you.


Some Possible Wet-Weather Destinations:


· Hilo Town, Hawai‘i Island

· Pacific Northwest

· Dublin, Ireland

· Copenhagen, Denmark


Best Sneakers for the Job:


Lae'ahi Lī: A waxed canvas sneaker built for both leisurely days or all-weather exploration using weather-resistant waxed canvas for water repellency and durability.

Kāholo: The perfect combo of performance, durability, and style, Kaholo is an innovative trainer sneaker that’s got a grip on slipperier grounds.


Why OluKai are the Ultimate Travel Shoes


Connecting Flight


They say it’s not about the destination; it’s about the journey. And if so, a lot of that “journeying” is, well: airports. Often, while traveling, we’re perpetually en route, boarding a plane (or ferry or train or bus) to the next adventure in another city. Clearly, you need a lightweight, airy sneaker that’s got some extra cushion, ample arch-support, and one that can easily slide on and off through security. That, and one that keeps you comfy standing around in lines, or for food in the terminal restaurants, or queueing to board the plane. OluKai’s got quite a few stellar options that click all the boxes and pack easily if you need to toss them in a bag.


Some Possible Layover Situations:


· JFK, New York City

· Changi Airport, Singapore

· Heathrow, London


Best Sneakers for the Job:


Mio Lī: The airy, go-anywhere, do-anything Mio Lī offers a lightweight, super comfortable trainer that thrives in every environment, active or casual.

Huia: Built with breezy engineered mesh and a comfortable bounce underfoot, Huia is comfy athletic trainer ready to energize with your day, crafted with vegan-friendly materials.


City Sightseer


The Coliseum in Rome. The Great Wall of China. Christ Redeemer in Rio de Janeiro. The Duke statue in Waikiki. Sure, you can see a zillion photos about something, but to actually stand in front of it — in person — that’s another experience entirely. It’s precisely why we love to travel halfway around the world and out of our comfort zones to feel that awe. Of course we don’t have to be uncomfortable outside of our comfort zones. When you’re stepping around a city for hours on end, potentially trying to see 8 sites in one day in a place like Paris — you need footwear that can handle those miles. Proper arch support, soft footbeds, great traction and less weight is key — and OluKai’s got just the shoes for that kind of activity.


Some Ideal Sight Seeing Destinations:


· Honolulu, Hawai‘i

· Seoul, Korea

· Rome, Italy

· Mexico City, Mexico


Best Sneakers for the Job:


Pūnini: Super comfy off-court sneakers for all-day sight-seeing, complete with contoured footbeds and retro style.

Wailuku: A lightweight, active sneaker with enough cushion and bounce to keep up with you, and ready for a 12-hour day of city sightseeing.


Why OluKai are the Ultimate Travel Shoes


Outdoors Adventure


Some travelers like to keep it in the city — and others like to get their hands dirty. Perhaps, you’re the latter. We’re not talking some grueling, multi-day kind of trek through ice and snow, but certainly an adventure that’s got some hills and may take a few hours of your day to complete. An unpaved trail with some character or a puddle or stream that might need crossing— that kind of terrain. For that, you need some sneakers with some support and traction; some that won’t mind a splash, too.


Some Ideal Outdoors Adventure Destinations:


· Kalalau Trail, Kaua‘i

· Big Sur, California

· Queenstown, South Island, New Zealand

· Amalfi Coast, Italy


Best Sneakers for the Job:


Moku Pae: Our reimagined boat shoes that are quick-drying, breathable, and ultra-grippy for a variety of land/sea adventures, with our signature Drop-In-Heel for easy, barefoot wear.

Pehuea Lī: Lightweight and breathable, with an airy, all-mesh upper, the energetic Pehuea Lī is ready for adventure, no matter where you’re headed.


Why OluKai are the Ultimate Travel Shoes


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