What You Need

Washable Laundry bag or Mesh Delicates Bag

Washing Machine

Gentle Bristle Brush Or Towel

Cold Water, Mild Laundry, Detergent Solution

1. Remove Your Shoes Footbeds

Start by removing your shoes' footbeds and place into a mesh, washable delicates bag

2. Toss Into Washing Machine

Toss the delicates bag containing your insoles and laces into the washing machine; use a delicate cycle with your preferred mild laundry detergent.

3. Remove Excess Dirt or Debris - Do not get the upper fabric wet

Wipe down the outside of the shoe with a dry cloth or gentle bristle brush to remove excess dirt or debris

4. Hand Wash the Outsole of Your Shoes only

Hand wash the outsole of your shoe using a gentle bristle brush and a cold water, mild detergent solution. Brush gently in a circular motion to remove dirt and debris from the outsole walls. Be careful not to get the upper material wet!

5. Let Your Shoes Air-Dry

Dry any excess moisture with a towel and let shoes, footbeds and laces air-dry until you're ready for your next adventure!