Around The World with Eric Rubens

To say that photographer, videographer and storyteller Eric Rubens is well-traveled would be quite the understatement. The guy’s been around and the moments, sunsets, excursions and tales he’s collected along the way are more than most could even dream of seeing in one — if not 10 — lifetimes. For a lot of his travels, both with his family en tow or without, Eric’s often in OluKai footwear, especially in places near the water. It was only natural that he and OluKai would make a great team on a recent sailing trip he took through French Polynesia. We picked his brain about the whole journey below, in between simply fascinating photos of the trip.


OluKai: Tell us about this recent trip you embarked on…it looked absolutely amazing!


Eric Rubens: I traveled for 8 days throughout French Polynesia, sailing from Raiatea to Taha’a and then onto Bora Bora. This was actually my fifth visit to French Polynesia, but my first time sailing the islands, so it was quite a different experience than staying at resorts, like most people do.

 Around the World With Eric Rubens


Any particular favorite memories?


My favorite memory was getting to experience the entire trip with my family. Having my wife, our 2 year old daughter, and 5 month old son, plus both sets of parents on the sailing charter, made it extra special. Far too often in my career I’ve taken trips without them and had to come home and tell them about what I enjoyed. Doing it all together makes it all so much more rewarding. Sailing the islands was an unreal experience. Being able to have each meal and wake up in a new spot every day gave us such a better understanding of the uniquely beautiful characteristics each island had.


Wow. Anything you’d recommend bringing that you shouldn’t forget on a trip like this?


Definitely. A good hat and sunscreen, as I’m always outside shooting. Plenty of portable chargers and battery packs since I’m using gear non-stop and need to keep everything charged. Other than that, just my camera in hand!



What made you want to partner up with OluKai for this?


OluKai has long been my go-to since I’m always around the water. The sandals have held up great to the constant wear and tear I subject them to. I’m always in and out of the ocean, running to catch a picture, and I need my shoes and sandals to keep up with me. I’m also on my feet most the day so comfort is essential. OluKai has the perfect combination of durability, comfort, and lightweight design. I also love how OluKai has always prioritized giving back and supporting foundations that preserve both land and sea. Nearly all my work involves nature, the ocean, or landscapes in some capacity. It’s the perfect brand to partner with since we’re both aligned on the importance of protecting our planet’s resources at all costs.

 Around The World With Eric Rubens - OluKai


Moku Pae (Eric’s Water-Ready Sneaker of Choice): 


Engineered to perform both on and off the water, Moku Pae is quick-drying, breathable, and ultra-grippy, specifically built for ocean adventures (like Eric’s!). Bringing a modern approach to the traditional boat shoe, we designed the Moku Pae with breathable mesh, no-tie laces, and our signature Drop-In-Heel for easy, barefoot wear.

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