How to Craft Your Night Routine

What’s your version of serenity? Is it in that space right before bed? You know, that time when you’re slipping into the sheets, knowing you’ve got [hopefully] eight, cool hours to tune out and recharge your brain (and body’s) battery… Sure, it can be easy to worry about this or that, and hard sleep isn’t a “given,” but there’s certainly ways to set yourself up for success. The main way to do that is crafting a solid nighttime routine so your body learns how to calm it down. Let us help you map it out, below…


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Turn Your Lights Down Low


The great Bob Marley once said, “Turn your lights down low…”. Creating a space of peace and calm for your nighttime routine owes a lot of its success to eliminating bright lights, whether that’s coming from a smart phone screen, computer monitor, or harsh LEDs overhead. Dim or plain click-off any of those lights and replace with a soft-light lamp or something to that effect and you’ll be catching better Zzz’s in no time with a quieter mind.


Cut Out the Socials


Knowing when to give it a rest helps you, well…actually rest. Sure, heartwarming vids of puppies and babies are great and all, but the never-ending compare and contrast-side of social media can cause some serious anxiety. Scientific studies are showing that if you hop off Instagram, for example, over an hour before going to sleep, you’ll sleep more soundly.


Turn a Page


What better way to wind down before bed than reading a physical book. The crisp sound of an honest to goodness page-turner.. the smell of a fresh, new hardcover.. There's nothing wrong with Audible or a Kindle, but curling up with a book and a soft light is certainly a way to simultaneously enrich your mind — and soothe your body and soul. Plus, there’s nothing better than reading a novel before nighttime that’s so riveting that you end up dreaming about it.



Create a Playlist


It’s no surprise and you’ve always kind of known it: You’re your own best DJ. If you’re searching for a new, more enriching nighttime routine, try replacing those background-noise episodes of “The Office” or “Friends” with some chill tunes. Maybe classical is your thing, or maybe not. Maybe long, instrumentals and soundtracks help you snooze — whatever it is, create a playlist, turn it to a low volume; fall asleep to it. Even nature sounds, the lapping of the ocean, or even a crackling fireplace on loop could ease your tired mind.


Listen to a Podcast


It’s not uncommon to get into the habit of falling asleep to a show on your TV screen or iPhone. Only thing, is that harsh, electronic light isn’t exactly very relaxing. Try a podcast if you’re having trouble settling down at night. There’s tons of great meditation and wellness podcasts, too, if you’re looking for something like that. Even some great serialized stories that are voice-acted by celebrities, too, if you want an episode — but in audio.


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