Just In: Luxury Men’s & Women’s Slippers

Upcycled Italian Wool Slippers


At OluKai, we make quality products built to last and are constantly innovating our use of premium materials. Our newly crafted men’s and women’s slippers are no different. This limited-edition collection is made with upcycled wool that we flew all the way from Italy and responsibly sourced genuine shearling. They feel just as warm as your finest winter jacket.


Sustainability Meets Luxury Slippers


We worked with Italian fabric experts located in the textile district of Prato, Tuscany to source wool for our Moloā Kilohana Men’s Italian Wool Slipper and Nohea Kilohana Women’s Slippers. They’re as sustainable as they are luxurious, thanks to a material called Rewooly.


Just In: Luxury Upcycled Italian Wool Slippers | OluKai


Rewooly is a premium textile created from recycled wool fibers. Items of clothing are hand-chosen based on quality, reduced into fibers, separated by color and type, then skillfully crafted into new, evergreen pieces. By using Rewooly in these upcycled Italian wool slippers, we were able to avoid additional dyeing processes and significantly lower the environmental impact. We used 204 kilograms of post-consumer, upcycled wool, saving 110,000 liters of water, 11,118 kilograms of CO2, & 18,768 kilowatts of electricity.


We brought the same level of detail and craftsmanship to the soft shearling liner. When it comes to genuine shearling, rather than creating waste, we reclaim hides from other industries and repurpose them into timeless pieces.


 Upcycled Italian Wool Slippers for Women | OluKai


These OluKai upcycled Italian wool slippers are sustainable, luxurious, and super exclusive. Supply is limited—so don’t miss out.



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Upcycled Italian Wool Slippers | OluKai 



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