Why Lightweight Training Shoes are a Must-Have for Your Workout

Gym shoes, workout shoes, running shoes… what is the difference? How are we supposed to know which shoes are the right shoes? As it turns out, lightweight training shoes are the best bet for your workouts, and we’re going to explain why you need to leave your clunky sneakers behind and invest in lightweight gym shoes instead. Whether you’re looking for lightweight training shoes for running, weightlifting, and other exercises, we’ve got the goods.






What Do We Mean By Lightweight?


Designed to be minimalistic, lightweight training shoes won’t weigh you down while you’re working out because they cut out unnecessary padding and weight. That means you get to be more agile, expend less energy, and can – literally – go the extra mile. And just because they’re lightweight, doesn’t mean you’ll sacrifice comfort and cushioning… In fact, our lightweight training shoes really go the distance. First, each pair features an anatomical arch support system that provides all the comfort and support your foot needs while working out. Then there’s the anatomically-contoured footbeds that ensure proper medial and lateral arch support, long-term comfort, and a personal fit right out of the box. So, whether it’s a HIIT session or a run along Oahu’s sandy beaches, you’ll be good to go in OluKai.


Why Lightweight Training Shoes are a Must-Have for Your Workout


Should Running Shoes Be Lightweight?


Want better running performance and an effortless feel? Then the answer is yes. But what are the benefits of lightweight training shoes for workouts, you ask? And do lighter running shoes make a difference? You don’t need to look much further than the Kāholo for women and the Kāholo for men to get your answers. We engineered the mesh in this lightweight shoe to offer peak breathability and support in key areas and added a shell to the toe for even more durability, making it as refreshing and swift as an ocean breeze. When it comes to which running shoes are the lightest across our collection, these are the winners.


What Are The Benefits Of Wearing Lightweight Training Shoes For Exercise?


From brisk walks along the ocean front to HIIT classes downtown, what you wear on your feet matters as much as the workout you do. And we say, it’s lightweight all the way. So, how do lightweight training shoes improve your workout performance exactly? Lightweight training shoes offer more flexibility than traditional sneakers, which helps you keep better form during workouts and lets you move more freely. And when you’re pushing your limits, who doesn’t want to feel a little lighter on their feet?


The Holo for men and the Huia for women definitely won’t weigh you down, and were designed with breathable mesh and a comfortable bounce underfoot. Watch this become one of the top lightweight training shoes for fitness enthusiasts!



Why Lightweight Training Shoes are a Must-Have for Your Workout


Features To Look For In A Quality Lightweight Training Shoe


If you’re asking yourself what should I look for when choosing lightweight training shoes for the gym, there are a few things to consider. Just because they’re lightweight, doesn’t mean you don’t want support, so make sure your shoes have plenty built in. One reason our customers love OluKai training shoes so much is for their anatomically contoured footbeds that deliver instant comfort and lasting support. Another thing to look for when deciding how to choose the best lightweight training shoes for your needs is breathability, because cool, dry feet during the heaviest workouts or runs is a must.


When it comes to the science behind lightweight training shoes and their impact on your workout, another thing to remember is traction. When you have an enhanced grip – like the Wet Grip Rubber you’ll find on the soles of our training shoes – you can trust that you’ll have better traction no matter how hard you train. As a bonus, they’ll likely last longer too.


What To Consider When Purchasing Lightweight Training Shoes For The Gym


Thinking about lightweight training shoes vs. traditional sneakers for working out? Like most things in life, versatility is a big plus. If you’re heading from the gym to brunch, or the weight class to the beach, you will love the Pūnini for men and the Kīlea for her. Both styles are easy-going, comfortable, and stylish enough to fit right in, wherever you find yourself. The Hā‘upu is another laid-back sneaker that crosses over from fitness to your everyday life with ease.


Why Lightweight Training Shoes are a Must-Have for Your Workout





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