Miami Mural Celebrates the Voyage of the Hokule’a

Miami Mural Celebrates the Voyage of the Hokule’a 1 The Hokule’a is two years away from arriving in Miami, but two artists are already celebrating the Mālama Honua Worldwide Voyage in South Florida. Miami-based artist Tatiana Suarez and Honolulu-based artist Kamea Hadar collaborated on a 15-by-40 foot mural in the Little Haiti neighborhood of Miami to celebrate the ongoing voyage and future arrival of the Hokule’a. The mural portrays the Polynesian moon goddess Hina and Brazilian/Afro-American water goddess of water and sea Lemanjá. Using traditional Polynesian navigation techniques, the Hokule’a and its sister ship the Hikianalia are currently sailing across the South Pacific towards New Zealand on the first leg of their five-year journey to spread a message of Mālama Honua, meaning ‘care for our Earth.’ The Hokule’a  will arrive in Miami in 2016.

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