Women’s Shoes

Women’s Shoes

Hawaiian-inspired Shoes and Sneakers for Women

Women’s Shoes

Why are OluKai Women’s Shoes and Sneakers So Comfortable?

OluKai women’s sneakers and women’s shoes are extremely comfortable because they are made using high-quality, premium materials and handcrafted on custom-made lasts for superior fit and support.

How are OluKai Women’s Shoes Great for Arch Support

All OluKai women’s shoes are designed to offer great arch support with an anatomical footbed; a biomechanically engineered shape that supports and positions your entire foot naturally, allowing it to move through the stride comfortably.

Are OluKai Women's Slip-On Shoes Great for Walking?

We build our women’s slip-on shoes with anatomically contoured footbeds to ensure proper medial and lateral arch support, long-term comfort, and a personal fit right out of the box. The thoughtful design of our women’s shoes makes them great for walking.

What Types of Leather does OluKai use in their Women’s Leather Shoes and Leather Sneakers.

We utilize a wide variety of leather types in our women’s leather shoes and leather sneakers which include full-grain leather, pebbled leather, nubuck leather, suede leather, and Italian leather. You can learn more about the different types of women’s leather shoes here.

What is the Difference Between Women’s Shoes and Women’s Sneakers

Our women’s shoes include all our closed-toe women’s styles. Women’s Sneakers can also be referred to as women’s athletic shoes, tennis shoes, gym shoes, or trainers specially designed for the need of physical exercise, though are now widely used in everyday casual use. Our women’s sneakers speak directly to our slip-on and lace-up styles that tend to be more active in use.

What Different Types of Women’s Shoes does OluKai Offer?

OluKai offers a wide selection of women’s shoes including Women’s Sneakers, Women’s Slip-On Shoes, and Women’s Athletic Shoes.

Why Are OluKai Women’s Barefoot Shoes The Best

We design all of our women’s slip-on shoes and sneakers for barefoot wear by using materials that breathe and feel soft against your skin.

What Sorts of Activities Can I Do in OluKai Women’s Athletic Shoes?

Our women’s athletic shoes are built to handle a fit and active lifestyle. You can wear them running, training, walking, and anything in between. Our 'Wet Grip Rubber' outsole makes our women’s athletic shoes ideal for exercise in wet or dry environments.