Around The World with Carson Grzegorczyk

Photographer and travel enthusiast, Carson Grzegorczyk brought OluKai along for the ride as he explored Southern Europe. Read more about this travel below!


Where did you travel to?


I was lucky enough to travel to my favorite places in Europe: Italy & France.


Around The World with Carson Grzegorczyk


What encouraged you to want to travel to these destinations?


Since traveling to Europe 3 years ago, I have been making it a priority to come back at least a few times per year. Europe inspires me like no other, and it's always a place where I find the creative spark I'm looking for.


What moments were your favorite / key moments?


Staying in Portofino is definitely one of my favorite moments. It's hard to explain, but there is a type of magic that surrounds this little colorful city surrounded by water. Almost like you're in a perfect fairy tale.


Around The World with Carson Grzegorczyk


What did you learn from your experience?


Every time I travel, I am in awe of how much there is to see and experience in this world. It has always been a mission of mine to share this vision with others through photos and videos.


Anything else you’d like to share about your travels, fun facts, pro tips, etc.?


Traveling is the quickest way to self growth and it assists you in becoming the person you are meant to be. The experience as a whole will open up your perspective on life and make you appreciate the little things.


Around The World with Carson Grzegorczyk


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