How to Keep Your Water Friendly Sandals in Top Shape

The best things in life happen outdoors in nature, being one with the wind, sand, and water. We also know, however, there’s nothing worse than losing that connection with nature because of bothersome shoes.


Here at OluKai we are experts in the technology behind water-resistant sandals. From water-resistant canvas to durable water-resistant coating, we use only the highest quality materials to create quick-drying, lightweight outdoor sandals for men and women.


Whether you’re looking for aquatic sandals to hike along the shore, or boat-approved water shoes for a day on the lake, we’ve got water-friendly sandals to keep your feet dry and comfortable in wet conditions all day long.


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How To Keep Your Water Friendly Sandals in Top Shape


Wondering if there are any special care instructions for water-friendly sandals? Look no further. We have all the tips you need to maintain water-friendly sandals, remove stains, prevent odor from building up, and more. Watch this video from our OluKai Answer blog series, check out our product care page, or keep reading for our guide to keeping your OluKai's looking brand new!  




We’ve got you covered - no matter what your shoes are covered in. From leisurely days at the lake to ongoing forays at the ocean, keep the following in mind to keep your kicks looking as good as new.




Remove excess dirt or debris from your sandals with a gentle bristle brush or towel. Then hand wash using a gentle bristle brush and a cold water, mild detergent solution. Brush gently in a circular motion; if needed, go over stains multiple times to remove. For salt stains, treat the affected area with a simple solution of equal parts water and white vinegar and a cloth.


How To Keep Your Water Friendly Sandals in Top Shape




When you return from the pool, the beach, or the lake, pat any excess moisture with a towel and let sandals air-dry until you're ready for your next adventure. Stains on your sandals? Mild and gentle cleaning products are your best bet to keep your shoes looking Try using soap to clean your water-friendly sandals–it’s easy to remove stains with a little bit of dish soap and warm water.




If odor is a problem, try swabbing a few drops of tea tree oil along the soles of your sandals overnight. The oils’ antibacterial properties will eliminate odors and keep your feet feeling fresh and odors at bay.




How To Keep Your Water Friendly Sandals in Top Shape




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