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Episode 4:


At 67 years young, Kimi's latest guest is the legendary Jock Sutherland, known for his switch-surfing style. Inducted into the Watermen Hall of Fame, he has a surf break named after him and is recognized as one of the greatest surfers. When Jock isn't catching waves, he's roofing with his son and sharing fruit with his community. Making fish tacos, Kimi and Jock reminisce on the wisdom of past generations and giving back to the community.





Fish taco ingredients

• Fresh boneless skinless fish

• Olive oil

• Salt, paprika, chili powder, cumin, or taco/fajita/cajun spice mix of choice

• Fresh garlic

• Lime

• Tortillas


Taco sauce ingedients:

• Pickled jalapeños

• Fresh cilantro

• Mayonaise

• Limes


Starfruit salsa ingredients:

• Starfruit

• Red oinion

• Garlic

• Lime

• Cilantro

• Hot sauce of choice



Make taco sauce by mincing jalapeños then add to medium bowl. Finely chop cilantro, add to bowl. Zest lime into bowl, squeeze juice of lime into bowl, add mayo.


Make starfruit salsa by small dicing starfruit, mince some red onion and add both to small bowl. Microplane fresh garlic into bowl, chop cilantro add to bowl, finish with lime juice.


Cut fish into bite size cubes, season generously with taco seasoning and a bit of salt.  Heat olive oil over medium high, add fish.  Cook on high for one minute, add minced garlic, cooked until golden brown edges and finish with lime juice remove from heat. 


Get toppings ready by dicing tomatoes, finely slicing greens, small dicing onions, dicing or slicing avocados and shredding cheese.  Put all ingredients into individual bowls.


Heat tortillas on a hot cast iron lightly coated with oil over medium high, flipping until slightly browned on each side.


Assemble tacos and enjoy!


Episode 3:


The next guest on Kimi's Kitchen is known on social media as howsdisguy - Zavier Cummings brings the energy with his contagious laugh and chats with Kimi. Who knew cooking could be so fun!






Steamed fish with herbal ginger sauce

• Finely mince cilantro, green onions and fresh ginger

• Stir in shoyu and a light flavored olive oil or neutral oil until it's a pourable sauce

• Add sesame oil to taste

• Clean and scale a whole fish, wrap in ti leaves or foil forming and add some water before sealing 

• Bake or grill at 400 for 30 minutes

• Plate fish and smother sauce over it


Episode 2:


Watch Episode 2 of Kimi’s Kitchen featuring Aunty Megz, aka Megan Godinez. "Seriously one of the coolest humans on the planet and to watch her in her element is a true honor"



Episode 1:


Our longtime 'Ohana and waterwomen, Kimi Werner, is joined by GRAMMY-Nominated Producer, singer, and songwriter Kimié Miner to kick off Episode 1 of Kimi's Kitchen!


Stick around; you might learn a thing or two about cooking too!


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