The Best Summer Sandals for Men & Women

Sun’s out, toes out. Why do we wear flip flops in summer? Because it’s the best feeling ever. There’s just something about summer sandals that feels different. Whether it’s that feeling of unplugging from it all, knowing there are adventures to be had, or just enjoying the sunshine on our skin, there’s something magical about that moment when you switch from shoes to sandals.


So, sandals it is. OluKai sandals, of course… And why does OluKai provide the best summer sandals? Because our story begins and ends with island life, where sandals are standard footwear. Read on to see which styles are the best summer sandals for men and which styles are the best summer sandals for women. Because, believe us, we’ve got them all!


The Best Summer Sandals for Men




Sneaker lovers, this is your gateway sandal. Built with all the things you love most about your sneaks – lightweight feel, modern design, and versatile wearability – the Ulele makes it easy to transition to summer flip flops. It’s water-friendly (big bonus whether exploring the islands or chilling by the lake at home) and grippy, so you can make the most of the moment knowing your sandals can hang. Did we mention it floats too?




When the water calls, the Kōko‘o listens. Actually, these summer sandals for men do more than listen. They respond with a waterproof, floatable, shakes-dry-in-seconds kind of answer. This truly is the sandal you want by your side (OK, on your feet) when adventuring in, on, or around water. Whatever water adventure you’re after, Kōko‘o is ready to be your partner in crime.





Summer slippahs. Summer flip flops. Summer sandals. No matter what you call our classic ‘Ohana, you can trust that they always have and always will make your feet feel right at home. Because in Hawai‘i, ‘ohana isn’t just immediate family; an ‘ohana is a sanctuary of friends and family where you can just be yourself. So go ahead – live the moment, be yourself, and know ‘Ohana is there for you.




Inspired by the sea breezes of Kailua, Malanai is everything you need in your summer sandals. Water-resistant, beach-adventure ready, and loaded with details that deliver on comfort such as a nylon toe post and a contoured footbed, this sandal is your sign that summer has arrived.


The Best Summer Sandals for Women




Let your toes breathe and your soul (and your soles!) run free in the universally-loved ‘Ohana. These summer sandals for women are in a perpetual summer state of mind – water-resistant and with a smooth drop-in footbed. Perfect for all your summer adventures, these are the foundation of every warm-weather closet.



Nu‘a Pi‘o


Thick sole? Check. Water-friendly materials? Also check. Style for days? You know it! The Nu‘a Pi‘o is the go-to sandal for those looking for something a bit extra. With a platform shoe silhouette, these summer sandals deliver a flattering look, whether you’re pairing them with your swimwear at the beach or checking out the local shave ice shop on a beach cruiser.




Summer’s short. Wear sandals. Actually, we’ll rephrase that to: Summer is too short not to wear the Pī‘oe summer sandals for women. Built to meet the demands of life by the ocean, this durable, water-resistant, and ultra-grippy sandal is just as supportive as your favorite sneakers.




We’re all about the “Summer of Now”. The notion that living in the moment is what summer is all about, and that adventure calls at a moment’s notice. The Kāpehe are the perfect partner for all the spontaneous summer moments, thanks to materials that shake dry in seconds and feel comfortable even after a full day on your feet. In fact, we highly recommend you keep these water sandals in your beach tote at all times. You can thank us later!


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