Travel Lighter With OluKai: Efficient Packing Solutions

If you’re planning a trip sometime soon, OluKai travel shoes are versatile for all different destinations and activities. Our shoes, sandals, and sneakers offer stylish and comfortable versatility so you can pack and stress less.


If you've been looking for space-saving techniques for packing shoes in a suitcase, efficient shoe packing strategies for travel, or just compact travel shoes for minimalist packing, your search is over. We’ve got all the hacks to prevent shoes from taking up too much luggage space and overloading your suitcase. Plus, shop some of our favorite styles that make planning and packing for long trips a breeze.


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Travel Lighter With OluKai: Efficient Packing Solutions


Wear What You Need


If you have to bring more than a couple pairs of shoes, be sure to wear the ones that would take up the most space while you travel and pack the lightweight ones. Moku Pae and Wailuku are great travel shoes, both for days at the airport or on the road, or adventure seeking on your trip. We love these sneakers for their flexible and lightweight materials, making them easy and compact travel shoes perfect for minimalist packing.


Best Practices for Packing Shoes


The best way to save space when packing shoes is to employ as much multi-purpose packing as possible. These strategies for packing shoes efficiently for a long trip are easy. Try packing socks, undergarments, and other small items inside sneakers to optimize space. Our Holo and Kāholo styles are made with flexible material perfect for multipurpose packing.


Try using sandals as dividers for different kinds of items. We also recommend wrapping any shoes you’re packing in a shower cap or plastic bag to protect from damages, scuff marks, or toiletry leaks.


Light & Compact Travel Shoe Options


With out-of-the-box comfort and a casual, cool style, Pehuea and Lae’ahi are a great choice if you’re searching for sneaker fashion and functionality. Wear these cool and compact slip ons for ultimate ease and comfort while traveling. These versatile sneakers pair well with elevated looks for a night on the town or dressed down for daytime travel adventures. These are a great option if you’re planning on packing shoes in a backpack–these don’t take up too much space for minimalistic travelers.


Kohu and Pūnini are two other versatile and travel-ready styles we love. Neutral colorways make these styles great for a weekend getaway as they go with most outfits for a variety of occasions. When it comes to choosing travel-friendly shoe options for light packing, these lightweight and breathable sneakers are a great choice to free up luggage space and keep the weight of your suitcase low.


Travel Lighter With OluKai: Efficient Packing Solutions


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