What to Wear Golfing in Hawai‘i

What could be better than spending an afternoon playing a few holes of golf in the Hawai’i sunshine? If you’re planning a trip to Hawai’i and want to hit the links while you’re there, we have a few recommendations on the best shoes and appropriate golfing attire to keep your comfort level in Hawaii's climate high and your golf game strong.


The necessities


In addition to all the things you’d usually bring–socks, sandals–some golf courses in Hawai’i may have dress codes, so err on the side of caution while packing.


We suggest bringing a collared shirt like a polo, a pair of golf slacks, shorts, or a skirt in khaki or black, and golf shoes with good sole treads. White socks are a must if you’re opting for a short style. An elevated, leather style like Wai‘alae or Wailea is sure to cover all your bases and have you playing at the top of your game, round after round.


 Your Wardrobe Guide for a Round of Golf in Hawai’i


Stay and look cool


The sun is powerful in the Aloha state, so be sure to pack clothing made of lightweight, moisture-wicking fabric, a hat or visor, and lots of sunscreen. We suggest clothing made of Dri-fit, which is good for wicking away sweat and will keep you feeling cool and dry in the hot Hawai’i sun. Some clubs may have a looser dress code–in this case the Ulele or Ho‘ōpio Hau are the perfect picks for staying cool and comfortable on the course.


Stay safe from the sun's rays


Did you know you can get clothing designed with protection against UV rays? Ultraviolet Protection Factor (UPF) measures a fabric's effectiveness at filtering both ultraviolet A (UVA) and ultraviolet B (UVB) light. Choosing clothing designed for sun protection and tested to confirm its UPF will give you less risk of sunburn, premature skin aging and skin cancer. Look for clothes with a UPF rating of 30-50 for greater skin coverage and the best sun protection. Pair with Manele or Kawela for the most comfortable, sun safe round.


Your Wardrobe Guide for a Round of Golf in Hawai’i 


With these tips and suggestions, you can stay comfortable and enjoy your golf trip in Hawaii's beautiful climate. OluKai golf shoes are designed to help you look and feel your best on the course so don’t forget to pack your favorite pair for your next trip!


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